Assisted Living at La Conner Retirement Inn in La Conner, Washington

Assisted Living in La Conner, Washington

Sometimes all a person needs to appreciate a full and independent life is a little assistance with routine daily activities. Other times, substantial personal care is required. Our goal at La Conner Retirement Inn is to help our residents achieve maximum independence, while supplying excellent social, physical and emotional support.

Our Assisted Living programs take a "we're there when you need us" approach. We encourage our Assisted Living residents to live their lives the way they want — with all the freedom, activities and privacy they can manage and desire. Assisted Living promotes independence by encouraging residents to maintain their lifestyle and dignity while providing the security of knowing that someone is always nearby to help.

Woman giving an older man a hug at La Conner Retirement Inn in La Conner, Washington

Senior Care Services Developed for the Individual

La Conner Retirement Inn works to provide a sense of community with an emphasis on maximizing resident independence, self-worth and dignity. We provide personal care and support services that are tailored to meet individual needs.

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